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Sweet times are about to overwhelm the FM Jiřák on Friday 18th and Saturday 19th of October : this seasons celebration of the Czech honey is about to be held. Up to 20 beekeepers and honey-products manufacturers to be found and visited at Jiřího z Poděbrad square. The usual farmers‘ market will run with no restrictions both days of the festival.

We’d like to pay a tribute to all the bees and beekeepers for the hard work done as well as for all the honey produced. Let us all celebrate the miracle of nature called honey! As a matter of course, live music and program for kids won’t be missing. Get your load of honey for the whole winter, talk to the beekeepers yourself about anything you want to know about honey! Except for many kinds of honey itself, there’s other products waiting for you to discover: ginger-bread, ‘medovník‘ – famous layered honey cake, honey cosmetics, honey coffee, mead (honey liqueur), honey beer, at-the-spot-baked honey barbeque ribs and other refreshments – savoury or sweet.

FOR KIDS – on Saturday 19th there will be a program POHÁDKY (Fairy tales) approximately 40 minutes long starting at 10am and 12am prepared.
Other than the Fairy tales for kids, Autumn Honey Days have other activities to offer. You can make yourself a beewax candle at the workshop, there will be a demonstrative glass beehive there so everyone can look closer at the life of these peculiar animals. Finally a ‘medomet‘ (a beekeeping tool for getting honey squeezed out of honeycombs) and other tools will be there to be examined. You can even try squeezing out honey yourself!


The event is to be held on Friday 18th of October (8am – 6pm) and 19th of October (8am – 2pm) at Jiřího z Poděbrad square. You can join our fb event or look at the video from Autumn days of Czech Honey 2013.


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