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Visit Apple harvest festival at farmer’s market Jiřák that takes place on Friday, October 21st (8-18:00) and Saturday, October 22nd (8-18:00). This year’s apples were harvested so let’s celebrate autumn and try the best Czech varieties. There is going to be a selection of different sorts of Czech apple juices and apple ciders as well as the competition of the best apple juice and cider. Are you going also to participate and vote? This year, few novelties are going to be introduced as delicious gastronomy and pleasures for the soul.

Farmer’s market at Jiřák is going to run according to a regular schedule, and there is no collusion with Apple harvest festival.  Besides weekly farmer’s market, life music performance, and delicious gastronomy you can expect:

Union of Fruit Growers in the Czech Republic + 10 Czech growers engaged in ecological farming.

Czech apples of following varieties: Gala, Bohemia, Melodie, Dukát, Rubín, Idared, Spartan, Šampion, Zvonkové, Matčino, Panenské, Čistecké and apples of BIO quality.

Apple juices and ciders

Ciderland (that is going to press on the spot)

Apple juices and Ciders in BIO quality

Polabský mošt

Cider Magnetic Apple

Prager cider, Pragomošt

Podorlická sodovkárna – apple juices and ciders

Moštárna Kvíc –  present on Friday only

Joker Cider

Fresh juices

Rawdeli – fresh juices

Moštárna a palírna Agnes, kosher

Ovocnářství Ploskovice

Gastronomy dedicated to apples as well as to ordinary ingredients

Different trades and arts


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