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Come and see for yourself! On Friday 9. 10. (8am – 6pm) and Saturday 10. 10. (8am – 2pm) the apple festival is being held with all of its features! Up to 15 Czech pomiculturers will be happy to tell you everything about apple species they specialize for. The genuine kinds that our greatgrandmoms remember cultivating as well as the new ‘modern’ species.

Besides all the beautiful kinds of apples there will be a selection of finest ciders waiting for you to taste them! A live band CIRKUS PROBLEM  is performing on Saturday 10. 10. to please our hearts and ears – come and support their fantastic and playful music!

A theatre for children can’t be missing: a performance will start on Saturday at 10am and 12am, take your young ones out with you!

On the top of the things a romantic open fire will be waiting for you: you can bake yourself an apple or a potatoe and welcome the knocking-on-the-door autumn.

The apple fest is not about apples only – pears and other fruit will be with us, too! Syrups, juices, ‘kolache’ (sweet baked goods), jams and marmalades, purée, dried fruit, patée, spreads and much more! As a matter of course – a juciery on-wheels will be ready for everyone to squeeze out juice out of their most favourite kinds!
Our honnourable guest – Mr. Martin Ludvík, the chairman of the Czech Pomiculture Union  – will be with us answering all the questions revolving around apples and fruit in general and will be guiding us through a traditional show of different apple kinds. You can taste them all!

The Farmers’ Market will be held as usual.
We are looking forwards to seeing you!

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