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There is going to be farmer’s market at Jiřák the whole December (except 24.12.2016). Therefore, you can order Christmas cookies and pick it up a week before Christmas Eve or when you need from Wednesday to Saturday.

You can also buy goose, hen or freshwater fishes and on advent Saturdays (3.12, 10.12., 17.12.), there are going to be handmade products from sheltered workshops or Czech producers.  You can also try to buy eatable presents this year as for example nicely packed pesto, spicy chilli salt, beautiful paste, cookies or healing herbal syrup. There are also going to be pillows filled with lavender for sweet dreams or Czech natural cosmetics.

Opening hours in December:

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday (except 24.12.)

New Year’s Eve market – 31.12. from 8:00 to 16:00

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