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Pastry, pastry
BAKERY MPM LOMNICE NAD POPELKOU  – rolls, buttermilk bread, sweet and salty snack-pastry, bread ‘starter’ (levain)
MIREČKOVO WHOLEGRAIN BAKERY – wholecorn pastry, sweet and salty
PASTA ART  – fresh filled raviolli
LOUSKÁČEK BAKERY– fruit, honey, chocolate and nutty pies
PETITE FRANCE BAKERY – baguettes, bread, croissants
MACARONS DEMARTINI – macarons, fruit cakes, quiches
HANDCRAFTED PASTRY ATHOS – first-quality bread made tratidionally out of sourdough, rolls, pies, sweets
KRISHNA’S DOME COOKIES – sweet and salty wholegrain cookies, peas chips
Fruit and vegetables
VEGETABLES OF TŘEBOUTICE – seasonal vegetables, seedlings, apples
VEGETABLES OF SEMICE – seasonal vegetables produced in the integrated agricultural system (in Czech: IPZ)
VEGETABLES OF KOPISTY – seedlings, herbs, seasonal vegetables
VEGETABLES OF TRAVČICE – seedlings, herbs, seasonal vegetables
VEGETABLES OF TIŠICE – seedlings, herbs, seasonal vegetables

Cheese and other dairy products
DRŽOVICE FARM – dairy products made out of goat, sheep or cow milk
CHEESE FROM BAČA – bryndza, sheep cheese, genuine žinčica, steamed cheese
SLOVENIAN DELICATESSEN– variety of cheeses from small farms in Slovenia
GRAN MORAVIA – cheese, parmezan cheese, butter
RAMPUŠE FARM – dairy and smoked products from an ecofarm

POSTUPICE FARM – eggs from freely grazing hens

Meat and smoked products
BUTCHERY BOJMANY – chicken meat, chicken and duck products from freely grazing poultry
ECOPRODUCT – beef in bio quality from Šumava
RUDOLEC FARM – beef and lam in bio quality; venison, smoked products
DELICATESSEN FROM HUNGARY – čabajkas, smoked meat, traditionally-made sauerkraut, pickles, grilled sausages to go
BUTCHERY TISMICE – traditional Czech smoked products, meat loaf in roll to go
BUTCHERY PELANT DOUPY – traditional Czech smoked products

SEA FISH NOVÁK – sea fish, shells and shellfish according to the actual offer

VINEGROWING MACHOVI – wine bottled and mulled
CIDERLAND – softcider from Bor
MAMUT BREWERY – traditionally prepared beer
BAŤKA SYRUPS – seasonal syrups from Haná

Flowers and herbs
FLORIST’S BYSTRÝ – seasonal flowers from Polabí
PETR KNÁPEK – bear’s garlic, milk thistle (Silybum marianum)
FLORIST’S DŘÍSY – seasonal cut flowers, seedling
GARDEN OF KVĚTUŠKA – bear’s garlic, herbs, pesto

Delicatessen, oil, mushrooms, honey
SLOVENIAN DELICATESSEN – smoked products, olive oil, salt from small farms of Slovenia
KULÍŠEK DELICATESSEN – jams, marmalades, syrups
PETR KNÁPEK – champignones, oyster mushroom, seasonal mushrooms
MEAD HLINSKO – honey, honey and beewax products, mead

Handcrafted products, NGO’S

ALEGRE COFFEEHOUSE –  Costarican coffee
PODOLKA RESTAURANT – soup, sushi, hot hearty ginger tea, syrups, quiche, pestos
BUTCHERY PELANT DOUPY – halušky, roasted potatoes, black pudding
CRUSH STREET FOOD – first-quality resfreshment to the offer (burger, soup)
GALETKA CREPES – sweet and salty

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