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friday 2 pm – 9 pm
saturday 11 am – 9 pm

The summer season at the Farmers’ market is being opened with all the pomp by the festival ‘Pivo at Náplavka’. In other words, a decent number of small and mini Czech breweries are presenting themselves on friday 31st of May at the riverside by the ‘Palackého’ brigde. The next day, on saturday 1st of June, this brewery – parade is to be joined with the saturday Náplavka Farmer´s market enlongating its usual lenght up to the railway bridge.

30 small and mini Czech breweries are taking over 70 kinds of beer with. Light, dark or semi-dark, bitter or sweet. Specials with variety of flavours such as: fruit, coffee, honey, caramel. Filtrated, non-filtrated, yeasty.

Gastronomy of Pivo na Náplavce: freshly smoked fish, first-class grilled sausages, pickled and grilled vegetables, hamburgers, homemade freshly-fried potatoes, etc..

Who wants to taste beer at our festival, must buy tasting set containing a pint glass, a beer-mat, a pen and a catalogue of breweries taking part in the festival. Breweries are allowed to serve beer into the festival pint glasses only. Set costs 200,- CZK and represents a ticket. First of all, beer from glass and beer from plastic taste differently and secondly we are trying to behave ecollogically. 

2pm – 6pm – DJ Kid Dynamite (soul, reggae, 70ies, electroswing)
5pm – theater show – ‘Až opadá listí z dubu’ (theater Aqualung)
6pm – 7.30pm – The Brownies
8pm – 9pm– Garage with Tony Ducháčkem

2pm – 6pm – DJ OLLGOY (Tawatt DJs)
5.00pm theater show – ‘Kvak a Žbluňk jsou kamarádi’ (theater for young ones)
6pm – ZVA 12-28 Band (SK)
8pm – 9pm – Laco Deczi & Celula New York (CZ, SK, USA)

official website of the festival: www.pivonanaplavce.cz

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