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Due to the two events – Primatorky on 7th of June and Avon cancer march on 14th of the June – Náplavka Farmers’ Market will be moved up to the Palackého square. Come and support this smaller but cute edition of Náplavka!

List of farmers/sellers – for these particular cases the real Náplavka’s best of:

BIOFARM MEDITO – beef, lamb, pork, smoked products, eggs
BUTCHER’S KVARDA – Czech traditional smoked products
SLOWAKIAN-HUNGARIAN DELICATESSEN – smoked meat, speck, sausages, čabajkas, homemade sauerkraut, pickles
EGGS KUBÁTOVI – eggs from the farm Jezero at Benešov
FISH CARPIE – fresh sea fish and seafood
BIO VAVŘINEC – cheese, milk, butter (all out of cow milk), wholegrain and spelt flour
GRAN MORAVIA – Czech parmesan, butter, cheese
GOAT FARM SKRYJE – fresh goat cheese, kefir, milk, whey, bryndza and semi-hard cheese
CHEESE FROM KRASOLESÍ – Crottin, Bastion, mouldy aging cheese, goat milk, yoghurt
ASPARAGUS – Czech asparagus from Hostín
KVĚTUŠKA’S GARDEN – fresh seasonal herbs, pestos (basil/nettle/wild garlic)
VEGETABLES NOVOTNÝ – seasonal veggies, salads
VEGETABLES TIŠICE ŠŤASTNÁ – seasonal veggies, herbs, salads
VEGETABLES TRAVČICE – seasonal veggies, herbs, salads
CHAMPIGNONES, OYSTER MUSHROOM – the mushroom cultivator himself with his well-known and favourite oyster-mushroom soup
FLORIST’S DUŠÁTKO – flowers cut or in a pot, bouquets
BREAD FROM OPATOV – yeasty bread, bread-yeast ‘live’
BAKERY MAŠEK – first-class and very well known bakery from the Northern Bohemia and their regional bread, delicious donuts and awesome kolache
PETITE FRANCE – baguettes, croissants, bread
OLD BOHEMIAN BAKERY – kolache and buchtel out of yeast dough
VOTRE PLAISIR – sweet or salty delicatessen: quiche, tartalettes, macrones, cupcakes
CIDERLAND – apple cider on tap, apple stum
HOT FRUIT LEMONADES – red wine with oranges, white wine with pears and other varieties
FRUIT JUICES BUŘIČ – fresh fruit and vegetable juices (apple, carrot, beetroot, green barley)
BAKALÁŘ BEER – beer on tap, raspberry lemonade, wine
ALEGRE CAFÉ – coffee directly from the farmers of Costarica, Biogena tea, Belgian chocolate
BREW BAR – aka testing the limits of coffee
GALETKA CRÉPES – buckwheat crépes, bio and wholegrain with spinach, cheese or sweet ones
PASTA ART – fresh filled raviolli and tortellini
PODOLKA – vegetarian refreshment, chutney, hummous, quiche, sushi, soups, teas, sirups

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