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Mark your calendars on the last Saturday in August (30/08/2013) to attend the Jiřák Farmers Market for the Herbs, Spices, and Tea Festival.
Dried herb and tea mixtures, spices from the Czech Republic and around the world, potted herbs, herbal ointments, a tea bar – all this and more will be found throughout the festival.
Would you like to dry your own tea mixtures? Do you know what to do with good mint, or why after a little lemon balm one falls asleep so easily? Which herb is the best for digestion and when should one collect herbs from the meadow? You can get answers to such questions right at the festival of herbs, spices and tea.
The festival will also include a program for children. You can look forward to an herb workshop for children and parents as well as pleasant music. “We think that herbs and their healing power interest many. So, naturally, we’re building upon our spring Herb Festival, where herbs were presented in their early stages. Harvest time is now approaching, and so I’m curious what all can be done with them,” said Jiří Sedláček, Chair of the civic association Archetyp, and organizer of the Jiřák and Náplavka Farmers Markets.


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