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Join us on Friday 10th (8am – 8pm) and Saturday 11th (8am – 2pm) to celebrate what fruit trees’ve been on this season!
Taste different kinds of apple, this often underestimated beneficial fruit cultivated by our species for centuries.
There’ll be over 50 varieties!
Did you know that the Czech pomiculture, especially then the environmental-friendly one is of a stunning quality?
Are you thinking about some recipe – not really sure which variety does suit it most?
Come and have a chat with fruit-growers to get authentic answers and advice on your own!
As you may have expected, except for many varieties of apples you’ll find everything possible made out of them – fresh juices, syrups, ciders, baked goods – pies and cakes first of all, jams, marmelades, dried apples, patés and a fine selection of an apple- influenced gastronomy!
As it became a tradition, the place of honnor is dedicated to the Czech Fruit Union, our partner and co-promoter. Moreover we’ll benefit from the presence of mister Martin Ludvík – the chairman of the Union – himself: he’ll be offering some of those almost ancient varieties like ‘Matčino’ (Mothers) or ‘Panenské’ (Virgin) while
talking about anything that revolves around apples and their cultivation.
Don’t worry – the usual farmers’ market stays in its full setup so you’ll definitely find all of your favourite-ones.
Live music, kids’ workshop and live theatre, a mobile Cider-house joining our cause! Make sure not to miss!

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