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The citizen cooperation Archetyp was founded in 2006 for the documentation of facing, tiles, and facade‘s elements in Prague‘s historic construction. Apart from that we also paid attention to the history and documantation of Prague’s markets. When the last market at Pankrác was closed, we joined the citizen‘s initiative to renew the direct contact between producers and customers. We tried to return the fresh local products to the market. The experience from abroad (New York, London) showed that farmer‘s market can be part of the modern city.The work of Czech farmers and producers was not recognized, it was undervalued and we felt that it would deserve much more respect. In 2007 The Archetyp Company made a study for the Magistrate of the capital of Prague, whose aim was to find the suitable places for such markets. There were 17 of them and some are used until now. Later in 2010 we succeeded in starting three new markets in Prague. Kubáň (2010 – 2012), Náplavka and Jiřák.

Today the markets are visited by hundreds and thousands of consumers. It is imporatnt for us that the markets exists and give jobs to people who live outside the capital. They also enable to realize the straight sale for reasonable prices without the third party. People in the city appreciate both the fresh products and the contacts with producers. They can also infuence the market offers. Markets brings hope and self-support to farmer’s families and to small good quality producers, for whom there is no place in large business systems.

Nowadays the Archetyp Company works as an organizer and tries to work according to the principles which we have made and offered. But what is necessary is the partnership of the local self-government, because markets are in the open air. Our main partners are Prague 2, Prague 3 and the Czech Radio.

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  Veterinární zpráva z 10. 11. 2010 (212.5 KiB, 6,745 stažení)