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On Saturday, January 18, there will be a farmer’s market at Heřmaňák and temperatures will be above zero. We will start a little bit later then we would in the summer, at 9:00. We promise, there will be enough vegetables this time. The demand for it surprised us last time – so Veronika and Štěpán will brong enough of it this time!

List of attendees:


Vegetables and herbs Šťastných / seasonal vegetables, herbs, salads

Bílé Podolí Orchard / apple juice, apples, pears, dried fruit, nuts

(Hrejkovice Pickled Cabbage, DRYKK and Microgreens Adam Vlasák will not be there on January 18).


(Both Flowers Dřísy and Lesem will have a winter break on January 18. Flowers Dřísy will be back on January 25).


Milk Krasolesí / milk, yoghurts, cream cheese, different types of cheeses, whey, acidified milk.

Farm Veseckých / free-range eggs

Kobylnice Farmstead / free-range eggs, chicken, ghee butter

Tyrolean delicacies / cheeses, bacon and meat products from Tyrol

(Milk BioVavřinec will not be at the markets for the whole of January).


Cakeshop Alchymista / coffee, drinks, Irish coffee

Cakeshop U Andělky / cream puffs, daisy chains, original cakes, Pavlova cakes.


Bakery Kejval / yeast and rye bread, rolls, buns, kolache

Stuffed buns, pagáčky and strudels / traditional and non-traditional baked goods – Slovakian pagáčky, crepes, stuffed buns, strudels


Butcher’s Kvarda / traditional meat products and pâtés, smoked meat.

Bio farm Babiny / bio beef, homemade sausages, beef broth

(Sikora French bratwurst will not be at the markets in January or February).


Mandlová / olive oil, Spanish almonds – plain, with ume vinegar, rosemary or roasted

Konečně vývar / good-quality broths, available for tasting before you buy, vegetarian as well as meat broths

Ceylon Spices / fresh Czech and exotic spices, bring your own containter and weigh the amount of spices you are getting.

(Mama’s ajvary, Chilipikanterie and Mandlová will have a day off on January 18).


Beach Burger / quality burgers, mulled wine

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