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Saturday, July 18 at Heřmaňák – the only Farmer’s market at Heřmaňák in July. Come and get great vegetables, fruit, meat, milk, eggs, chicken, French bratwurst, and everything else!

Grandma’s Pantry – the best gluten-free bakery in Prague and Mr. Buchta – the best buchty (stuffed buns) in Prague, are still a bit new and if you have not tried their products yet, be sure to do so!

You can drink some wine from Násoska and Ochmelka, or coffee from a barista from Cakeshop Alchymista.

Also, there will be jerky from premium beef! This is a one-time offer only, so come and taste the three different flavors. Jerky is a great snack to put into your backpack to have an on-the-go snack.

List of attendees:


Vegetables and herbs Šťastných / seasonal vegetables, herbs, salads

Bílé Podolí Orchard / strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, currant, gooseberries, apples, sea buckthorn, dried fruit, nuts

Adam Vlasák / microgreens and sprouts (peas, sunflower, alfalfa etc.) to put in your salads

Fresh juice DRYKK / freshly-pressed apple juice


Flowers Dřísy / bouquets, cut meadow or garden flowers, herbs and flowers to be planted

Lesem / bouquets, wreaths, hand-embroidery


Eggs from Vysočina / free-range eggs, sizes – M, L, XL, price – 5, 6, 7 Kč/1 egg, when buying 30 medium eggs, the price for one egg is 4 Kč

Kobylnice Farmstead / free-range eggs, chicken

Milk BioVavřinec / milk, yoghurts, cream cheese, different types of cheeses, whey, acidified milk


Coffeeshop Alchymista / coffee from the famous coffee shop at Letná, bring your own mug to get
5 Kč off

Mr. Buchta – original Czech buchty (stuffed buns) with traditional and non-traditional fillings


Grandma’s pantry / gluten-free bread with nuts, gluten-free baguettes, strudels, quiches, brownies, muffins

Bakery Kejval / yeast and rye bread, rolls, buns, kolache

Slovakian pagáčky / traditional and non-traditional baked goods – Slovakian pagáčky, sweet rolls

Ten štrůdl / strudels of different types, freshly-fried potato patties


Butcher’s Kvarda / traditional meat products and pâtés, smoked meat.

Bio farm Babiny / bio beef, homemade sausages, beef broth

Real bratwurst / French bratwurst – with truffle, mushrooms, cranberries, nuts…

Rustic Jerky / premium dried beef without additives, in three flavors


Chilli pikanterie / chilli plants, many products from different types of chilli peppers
Mandlová / olive oil, Spanish almonds – plain, with ume vinegar, rosemary or roasted
Food festival / real ajvar, ljutenica, Hrejkovice pickled cabbage, pickled vegetables, Czech patés

Násoska and Ochmelka / authentic wines from Bohemia and Moravia

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