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How did you come to an initial idea of a plastic bag free market?

We have been concerned about unnecessary waste for a long time. That is why we have come up with the concept of a plastic bag free market which we would like to test out on a new market in Prague 7 – at Řezáčovo square. The market is a smaller local market that is just about to be launched and so we think it is a convenient time to try lessening the amount of waste generated by the market together with sellers and customers.     

Was it a tough call to convince sellers to keep plastic bags at home?

Not at all! Everyone was quite excited about the concept. But please note, that not all of the packaging is degradable – because of the hygienic regulations we cannot for example replace packaging for certain dairy and meat products.

What are you going to replace plastic bags with?

For vegetables and fruits shopping we have prepared wicker shopping baskets – they will be then weighed and put into paper or paper bags and then bags or backpacks. Some paper and paper bags will be at disposal either for free or for some small fee. We are actually hoping that customers will like the idea and will start to bring their own bags for vegetables, fruits or other products. Also, the authors of Frusack – light handy bags lasting for years and made out of fully organic and compostable materials – will present their product, exactly meant for environmentally conscious vegetables and fruits shopping. Compostable disposable dishes will be used for serving food on the spot and who would want to go even further, they can borrow then porcelain dishes or glass cups. Or even better – they will bring their own cup.  

Is the concept meant as a one-time event or is it meant as a stable added value to the market at Heřmaňák?

We will try making it into a regular event; we are just about to start with four Saturdays – 9th and 23rd of September and 7th and 21st of October – this autumn with the possibility of carrying on. We would like for the market at Heřmaňák to be bag free and are hoping that together with people from around Heřmaňák we will find solutions, how to minimize plastic and waste in general at the market.

Questions were asked by Eva Fornálová, answers given by Šárka Sedláčková and Lenka Sehnalová

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