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The market starts in January, February and December at 10:00 and ends
at 15:00 (or 14:00). The farmers list might be slightly changed in case
of really low temperatures, the frost could damage some fruits, vegetables,
flowers.. So be sure to check our website or facebook a few days before the
event, so the the reduced farmers list doesn't catch you by suprise. From
March to November is the market from 9:00 to 15:00.

Every stand has now the event calendar of 2018, so you can stay informed
even offline. 

The first stand of the market (the one closest to Dukelských hrdinù street
and Ouky Douky) will be "the organizers stand". By this stand there will be 
an A-shaped chalkboard meant for your tips and comments for us and for news
and updates for you (e.g. "Turkey farm Zelenka misses out next Saturday.") 
Chalk or pen and paper for your comments will be availible at the stand.

Once again we wish a happy 2018! 

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