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Starting May 3rd Náplavka below Rašínovo nábřeží will come to life on Wednesdays from 9-16. Under the motto: „A bit of Saturday on Wednesdays“, you will be able to find all the basic quality products in a more moderate and relaxed setting than what we are used to from the overcrowded Saturday markets.

We are planning exhibitions, workshops and lectures. Besides that, Wednesdays will bring some of the favorite farmer’s eatables and organic products, vegetables, herbs, salads, seasonal Czech fruit from apples to strawberries, cheese and milk, pastry and fine breads, delicious sausages and meat and other interesting food concepts. Following farms will make their appearance: Biofarm Držovice, Krhanice Farm, Koláček Bakery, Butcher Shop Kvarda and Butcher Shop Libiš. You will also find good meat from organic farms, interesting refreshments, vegetables and herbs from Radka Šťastná, seasonal fruit, asparagus or strawberries, mushrooms, honey and forest berries, flowers and bouquets which will be made as per your preference.

Citizens of Prague 2 who own the „Dvojka pro seniory“ card can enjoy a 10% discount on vegetables and herbs every Wednesday!

The Wednesday market for locals will not be as big as the Saturday one but it will provide all the basics and will allow one to enjoy more relaxing and peaceful atmosphere.

The peaceful and family like character will also be enhanced by the „Intergenerational workshops“ that already have an established tradition on Saturdays. Kids and adults together with the elderly can all engage in crafting. Ranging from having the opportunity to create one’s own cup or jewelry to sewing or face painting, we are hoping to invite not only parents and kids to participate in these spring and summer Wednesdays but also local schools and kindergartens. Wednesday Náplavka below Rašínovo nábřeží should please both one’s soul and body.

For the first Wednesday, May 3rd, together with the team from Creamery Krhanice from Posázaví, we have come up with an original surprise for the visitors (at 10:00 for journalists, 11:00 and 16:00 for public). We will show you how to make butter the old-fashioned way in a wooden kneading bucket and the farm members will also demonstrate the complete process of making mozzarella, which together with the production of ricotta falls under the supervision of an Italian specialist. Cheese tasting will not be missing and every visitor will be able to try the traditional butter kneading method. The whole event will be accompanied with bold music played by the farm members themselves. They will also provide explanation on how butter and cheese used to be made in the past and the way these products are made today.

The following week, Wednesday May 10th, another community farm, Uchované semínko, will introduce itself by presenting principles of thoughtful farming and permaculture. They will also demonstrate how to make home-made bread in their mobile oven.

We will be posting current program as it unfolds.

Lead paragraph: Under the motto: „A bit of Saturday on Wednesdays “, you will be able to find all the basic quality products in a more moderate and relaxed setting

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