Farmer's Market Kubáň

Next farmer’s market at Kubáň on Saturday, May 4 – the farmer’s markets are here for you

You can get eggs, organic milk, cream cheese, vegetables, desserts and fresh baked goods at the market. Winery Mikulica will offer great Moravian wine. You can also get some great macaroons, slow-grown chicken and ducks from Farm Holýšov, or turkey. Since spring is here, there will be flowers, as well as vegetable and strawberry seedlings at the market.

If you get hungry at the market, you can get some grilled fish or chicken, or get a cake and some specialty coffee. Come and see for yourself!


You will find the following sellers at the market:


Turkey farm Brniště – fresh poultry and poultry products

Poultry farm Holýšov – slow-grown poultry, chicken, duck, hens

Meat Tismice – great quality homemade meat products



Chouranice farm – organic milk, free-range eggs, homemade cream cheese and other types of cheeses

Farm Petr Švorba – free-range eggs

Bačova salaš – traditional Slovakian sheep cheese, milk and meat products

Eggs Kosičky – barn eggs, quail eggs

Dutch boy – a great selection of cheeses



Vegetables Malých – fresh vegetables, seedlings of vegetables and herbs

Vegetables Kloubských – fresh vegetables, seedlings of vegetables and herbs

Vegetables Dřísy Robin Machka – fresh vegetables, large range of lettuce, sweet potatoes, herbs, onions, tomatoes…

Fruit Jelínek – apples, pears, fruit juices, dried apples, honey from an orchard

Sellanomer – strawberries and citrus fruits from Croatia



Flowers Hakl – bouquets, potted plants

Buket Flowers – meadow bouquets, peonies and peony tulips

Flowers Martin Balda – bouquets and seedlings

Horticulture Semela – floral decorations



Bakery Velíšek – sourdough, rye and wheat bread, pumpkin, carrot, and nut bread, kolache, strudels

Bakery Our Bread – rye or wheat sourdough bread, pumpkin, carrot, and nut breads, kolache, strudels, rolls, and sweet bakes

Cakeshop Karlovy Vary – kolache, cream rolls, strudels, gingerbread, cream puffs

Mom’s macaroons – homemade macaroons

Bakery pod Anežkou – homemade frgály (large kolache)

Louskáček – desserts and cakes with nuts



Winery Mikulica – hand-picked wines from Moravia, herbal syrups, chilled lemonades

Herbal syrups – herbal syrups, herbal drops, toothpaste

Farm Milan Paleta – fruit vinegars, marmalades, kimchi, pickled horseradish

Hubinger family – a wide selection of spices



Pepa’s Fish Grill – grilled zander, carp fries, smoked fish, fish cakes, fresh fish, sometimes vegetable pancakes

Václav Bouša – grilled chicken and pork knee

Café Majada – coffee from South America – cappuccino, espresso, latté from a barista

Ukrainian pelmeni – pelmeni with different fillings



TamarinZOO – pet supplies

Patchwork – original tea towels, blankets, pillows

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