Farmer's Market Náplavka

Next market at Náplavka – February 10, 8 am to 2 pm

One of the first Prague farmer’s markets. Every Saturday (except for January) you can find around 90 stands on the Vltava riverbank.

You can find great quality food, fresh fruit and vegetables, Czech flowers, and in addition to that, natural and ethical cosmetics or original products from local designers.

Spend a pleasant Saturday morning at Náplavka, and try a wide range of food, good coffee and listen to some live music.

You will be able to find the following sellers at the market:

Saturday, February 10


Meat, meat products

EXTRA DRY – beef jerky – normal, spicy or chilli, turkey jerky – normal or spicy

FARM ON WHEELS – matured beef, pork, veal, lamb, chicken from Loužná, meat products from Pršutérie Chovaneček (prosciutto, ham, sausages, salami etc.), cheeses

MEAT STŘÍMELICE – ham, bratwurst, salami, sausages, smoked meat, meat for grilling, blood sausage, brawn…

BUTCHERS ČEJKA – Meat products, patés, spreads – all in glass containers. Dried meat and bratwurst. Refreshments – grilled blood sausage, tripe sausage, bratwurst and meatloaf in a bun.

BUTCHERS U KVARDŮ – great quality meat products and refreshments


Poultry, eggs

FARM NAPIPI – chicken, hens, ducks, geese and eggs from a family farm in the Beroun region

FARM NOVÝ DVŮR KOŘÍNKOVI – chilled turkey and turkey meat products

POULTRY FARM PŘEVÝŠOV – chicken, duck, chicken liver and hearts, chicken stomachs, free-range eggs, quail eggs

EGGS VESECKÝCH – free-range eggs from chickens that are raised on a pasture near a forest

EGGS KUBÁTOVI – free-range eggs



YOUR FISH (RYBY TVÝ) – chilled fish and seafood


Milk, milk products, butter, cheese

DRŽOVICE FARM – milk – cow’s, sheep’s and goat’s and products made from them – fresh and matured cheeses, cream cheese, yoghurt

GOAT FARM POD KŘÍŽKEM – fresh cheeses, kefirs, yoghurts, cheeses in salt brine – jadel, feta, Balkan cheese, matured gouda and cheddar made from goat’s and cow’s milk

MILK AND CHEESE KRASOLESÍ – cheeses – cow’s and goat’s, fresh and matured, different types of French-style mouldy cheeses, cream cheese, yoghurts, milk


Foreign delicacies

BAČA CHEESES – sheep cheese, žinčica (sheep milk whey drink), bryndza (traditional Slovakian sheep milk cheese), meat products, cheeses Koliba and Rajec

HUNGARIAN DELICACIES ZSOLTI – smoked meat, bacon, sausages, homemade pickled cabbage, pickled vegetables

TIROL SPECIALTIES – Farmer’s products from the Tirol region, both from the Austrian and Italian parts. Traditionally-made food products, coming from regional butchers, cheese-makers and bakers, with a wide range of organic products. There is a wide range of cheeses from cow’s, sheep’s and goat’s milk, Tirol bacon, dried ham, salami, bratwurst, lard with greaves, butter, jams, mustard, pumpkin oil, wine, non-alcoholic beverages, savoury baked goods.


Vegetables, fruit, herbs, mushrooms

KAROLÍNKA’S HONEY, MUSHROOM AND HERBS – forest mushrooms – fresh, dried and pickled, forest fruit and herbs, honey

FRUIT FARM IVO KOŠŤÁL – apples from Těchlovice, fresh and pasteurised apple juice, dried apples, in season – sweet cherries

SWEET MANDARIN ORANGES – oranges from Dalmatia, lemons and mandarin oranges from Greece, not sprayed with chemicals, mandarin juices and marmalades, pomegranates, figs, dried fruit

VEGETABLES OVČÁRY – we grow potatoes, onions, garlic, carrot, parsley, celeriac, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, pumpkin, cucumbers, radishes, tomatoes, peppers, lettuce, herbs, horseradish, spinach…



GARDENISTA – local and seasonal flowers, floral decorations and potted flowers

FLOWERS BYSTRÁ – bouquets and potted flowers

FLOWERS FROM PEPA – bouquets and decorations from a florist atelier

DRIED FLOWERS KLAMERTOVÁ – dried flowers – wreaths, bouquets, sheaves


Baked goods, cakes, flour

WHOLEWHEAT AND GLUTEN-FREE BAKERY DVORNÍK – wholegrain and gluten-free baked goods, kolache, quiches and breads, savoury snacks – bio, wholegrain, gluten-free, sugar-free, vegan or keto products, products without sugar

OPATOV BREAD – bread from Opatov

BAKERY LINHARTOVÁ – giant bread from Mšeno, fruit kolache

PETITE FRANCE – handmade baked goods – sourdough bread – rye, wheat, wholegrain, legendary baguettes, olive ficelle, French croissants – butter, chocolate, toast bread – white or wholegrain, strudels, muffins

PITA BREAD & HUMMUS – homemade pita bread from Jirny, delicious hummus, aubergine spread and falafel mix

BAKERY KEJVAL – bread, kolache, white bread, flatbread, rolls, dumplings

OLD BOHEMIAN BAKERY – sourdough kolache and stuffed buns (buchty)

TRADITIONAL PAGÁČKY – traditional Slovakian baked goods, which are made through a long process of letting the dough rise and layering it with greaves, sauerkraut, bacon, or olives. Sweet Bratislava rolls.


Cakes, desserts, chocolate

CAKE SHOP U ANDĚLKY – cream puffs, cream pinwheels, macaroons, pavlova and other classic Czech desserts made by patisserie makers from Vysočina from the best possible ingredients

KRAFIN – vegan croissants, pan au chocolat, kolache, filled cruffins (croissant muffins), filled croissants – sweet or savoury

LOUSKÁČEK – great sweet kolache and savoury quiches

MORE THAN NUTS – baklava, chocolate, nuts, borek…

PERNÍČKOVI – fresh gingerbread, gingerbread Swiss roll, gingerbread with marzipan, almonds, nuts, poppy seeds, plum jam, marmalade, chocolate, or sugar icing

PETRISIMO – savoury quiche, tartlets with fresh fruit, cheese cake, gluten-free cakes, vegan pumpkin and banana bread and other desserts

TEN ŠTRŮDL (THE STRUDEL) – strudels, freshly-friend vdolky (a Czech-style donut) and potato patties


Delicacies, jams, herbs, pesto, oils, pasta

DAMODARA – legume pasta and flour, soups, chickpea flour, dried apples, chickpea balls, almond balls

CHILLI HILLS – chilli sauces, salsas, pastes, dried chilli, spices, salt, honey, chocolate and other chilli products!

CHILLIPIKANTERIE – chilli marmalades and jams, chili sauces, pickled Jalapeno and habanero peppers, coarse sea salt with Habanero peppers


Honey, mead, nuts, dried fruits and vegetables, spices

HERBS ZDISLAVA – healthy and healing teas and herbal mixes from a famous family apothecary

CANNA ROOMZ – CBD coffee, drops, oils and cannabis cosmetics

A SNACK FOR YOUR HAND (DORUKY MLS) – nuts, seeds, fruit, oats, granola, nut butters, roasted nuts – all vegan with no added sugar

MANDLOVA.CZ (ALMONDS) – We import almonds from small farmers around Granada, Spain. These nuts are kept nice and cold after harvest, just like they like it. We have three types of almonds on offer, and we further process these by hand in our roastery in Buštěhrad. We use extra virgin olive oil from the award-winning Lopez Montero family farm. The great quality olive oil adds a great flavour to our almonds. You’ll taste them once and you’ll be hooked!

MR. LÍSKÁČEK – freshly-roasted nuts made with peanut oil

ZÁZVORUJ (GINGER) – ginger specialities without additives – honey, syrups, drinks with different flavourings, salted caramel with ginger, olive oil with ginger and thyme, onion chutney with ginger, tea with caramel, mustard with honey and ginger


Drinks, juices

ČERBÍZ – famous blackcurrant wine

CIDER JARA – traditional French-style cider, apple cider vinegar, syrups, distilled apple ciders, apple aperitifs

MINIMAL DELICATO – burčák (young wine) from Hustopeč, red and white mulled wine, lemonades from fruit syrups

DRYKK JUICES – freshly-pressed apple juice, hot apple juice, apple slushies, apple cider vinegar

BEER-WINE – great beer from the Kounice brewery on tap, a selection of the best Moravian wines. Winery Pavlovín, Zapletal and Pfeffer

FAMILY BREWERY U VACKŮ – unpasteurised and unfiltered beer, made with traditional recipes and techniques

WINERY BUKOVSKÝ & NATURVINI – sparking and non-sparking wines – white, rosé and red, made from grapes from Kobylí and Bavory



ALEGRE COFFEE – coffee straight from farmers in Costa Rica, Indonesia (BIO), Kenya, India, Guatemala, and other countries

COFEEC FROM COFFEEFRIENDS.CZ – cold brew coffee, Arhuacos coffee from Sierra Nevada, Rooibos tea, from spring, there will also be mixed drinks made from coffee, fruit juices and alcohol.



BALKAN GRILL – Balkan burger and burek

MEAT PRODUCTS PELANT DOUPOV – Slovakian halušky with sauerkraut and smoked meat, roasted potatoes, baked sausage meat, grilled bratwurst and meat skewers, great quality meat products

GRILL YOUR FISH – grilled seafood

GRILLED BRATWURST & OPATOV BREAD – grilled bratwurst and sausages, salami and meat products, bread from Opatov

GRILLED CHEESE AND WINE – grilled cheeses, great wine, sometimes mulled wine or burčák (young wine)

LA TORTILLA – freshly-made tortillas, filled according to your tastes

ŇAM ŇAM PIAGGIO – Apple strudel, fruit kolache, or Bundt cake to have with your morning coffee. A range of popular main meals from soup to homemade pasta. To go with the food, have tome great Moravian wine, prosecco, homemade lemonade in the summer, or punches in the winter

PAPAS BAR – authentic Spanish paella

PODOLKA RESTAURANT – burgers, vegetarian and meat dishes, great soups, quiches and kolache

ROOSTER SAUSAGE GOURMET – We are a small family company, making homemade organic pork bratwurst from pork from Mr. Sklenář’s farm. We use great quality meat, sea salt, and resh herbs, which we then put into natural lamb intestines of the highest quality. We grill these sausages and put them into handmade baguettes from Mr. Dvorník. For a great flavour experience, we carefully source the best ingredients from local sources. We always have several options to choose from.

TAKE EAT EZ – authentic American diner-style meals – BBQ pulled pork, beef brisket, Philly cheesesteak, Reuben, Mac & cheese, BLT sandwiches, grilled cheese sandwiches, chilli, buttermilk pancakes, eggs & house bacon and much much more!

TASTY CREPES – one-of-a-kind crepes, that were missing in Prague – sweet and savoury options, made from natural ingredients.

TOPINKARIUM – freshly toasted bread with homemade spreads, a meat mixture, or roasted peppers



JANA’S CERAMICS – ceramics spun on a pottery wheel, fired on a high temperature. Simple, useful mugs, teacups, bowls, plates, and soy candles in ceramic pots

ATELIER ARWENKA – bags, linen bread bags, drawstring backpacks

BY MARKÉTA – I design and sew comfortable and unique clothing and accessories from great quality materials

LUCYCAN – diffusers, candles in concrete containers, scented soaps

MAYA. TEXTILE ATELIER – hand-knitted hats, headbands, socks, gloves, sweaters and scarves made from the softest alpaca and merino wool. Let yourself be comforted with the unbelievable softness and warmth of our products. Rediscover a traditional craft. We make every piece by hand in the Beskydy region.

NOOS CONCEPT – winter accessories from yak and camel wool

PARŮŽKOV – deer, roe, fallow deer, wild boar, mouflon and other meat products for pets at unbeatable prices. Jerky, deer sticks with pumpkin, or rosemary, mouflon stick with carrots, venison meatballs, boar meatballs with apple, goat jerky, sirloin chips, deer and roe tendons and other goodies. 100% natural, handmade with love, healthy for your dogs and suitable for raw fed dogs. Also available online at www.paruzkov.cz

JEWELLERY AND TOYS – knitted toys and beaded jewellery

NUTT.CZ – Shea butters, made in collaboration with women in Ghana, where Patricia’s grandfather comes from. Nutt further supports these women in developing self-sufficiency and entrepreneurship skills. The brand uses herbal macerates and essential oils that are inspired by aromatherapy and holistic medicine. They add fragrance, colour and healing effects for your body and soul. Nutt wants to bring you a piece of Africa, and pamper every member of the family. Nutt has returnable bamboo packaging. They also offer a tasting of Ghanian chocolate. Looking forward to seeing you! Peter and Patricia


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