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55 stands in total, 30 wineries from all over the Czech Republic, wine tasting, goose delicacies and great accompanying program – that will be the eight annual festival of young wines “St. Martin’s Day celebrations and baked goose”. The event will take place on November 11 from 10:00 to 21:00 at the place of the usual farmer’s markets at Rašínovo nábřeží in Prague 2 between Palackého and Railway bridge.

Around 6 thousand people attend the festival annually. This year, the festival promises a record number of wineries. “30 wineries from Czechia and Moravia will present their wines, which is the most wineries that have ever presented. There will be around 6 thousand bottles of wine available. There will also be wines without carbon dioxide and mulled wine. Degustation sets will be sold, consisting of a catalog, a pen and an OIV glass, which will be used for tasting the wines. You can buy these sets for 100Kč,” said Jiří Sedláček, the director of the festival.

Of course, the celebrations of St. Martin’s Day wouldn’t be complete without a baked goose. Visitors will be able to taste baked goose in many variations. “Visitors can look forward to a baked goose with Karlsbad dumplings and pickled cabbage, goose soup with dumplings, goose liver with apples and onions, popular St. Martin’s Day goose burgers, sandwiches with pulled goose meat, quiche with goose meat or goose pâté with whiskey that is served with cranberries and toasted bread and other goose delicacies,” said Jiří Sedláček.

There will also be canapés that go well with wine – cheeses, meat, roasted almonds or greave sticks. Sweet and salty pancakes and freshly-baked pizza will also be available. It will be possible to buy warm non-alcoholic drinks as well.

This festival is not only about drinking wine and eating goose delicacies, there will also be a varied accompanying program. This will take place on the Vltava river. “There will be many bands on the stage throughout the day. The first one will be the cymbalom band Vonička, starting at 11:00. They are a band that has been a part of the festival in the previous years. Then there will be a two-hour performance of world hits in a non-traditional performance from the band Brass Avenue, then the band Fragmenty and the last performance will be blues-rock trio Jonas & the Whale of the famous Czech artist and musician Jonáš Ledecký,” said Jiří Sedláček.


Accompanying program, Sunday, November 11

11:00-13:00 Cymbalo band Vonička – classical cymbalom music
14:00-16:00 Brass Avenue – male brass band covering world hits
16:00-18:00 Fragmenty – rock band
18:00-20:00 Jonas & the Whale – blues-rock trio

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