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Come and enjoy yourself at a FM’s boat that has parked at Náplavka
between the bridges Palackého and the Railway one near to Výtoň.
The boat Petra’s at your disposal every day 4pm – 10pm. 
Live music starts at 6pm.
The boat Petra has decided to take a summer vacation from its food-shipping business and to enjoy the summer with us in a rhytm of selected Náplavka’s delicatessen and music to please our souls. This week featuring dancefloor till Sunday!

Delicious Mediterranean couisine (fastfood BalkanGrill-pljeskavica, burek, grilled vegetables), 8 kinds of limonades with fresh fruit, social café Bazaar (hiring kids that grew up in a shelter, providing them experience and education – http://www.cafebazaar.cz/) , breweries Kounice and Bakalář.

Dance, drink, laugh, watch the sunset – join us for this exceptional boat delight!

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