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We invite you to a beautiful pre-holiday market at Náplavka – this Saturday, October 27. You can take part in creating apple juice at Drykk and bring home freshly pressed apple juice. Try some smoked salami on beech wood and some grilled bratwurst from Mr. Marounek. Minimal delicato now has mulled wine – you can have white or red mulled wine, seasoned with spices and fruit. Great sandwiches can be found at Eat EZ, who will also be playing 80s music. If you are looking for a gift, stop by “U Kočků” to get a mug (and a toast) or stop by Ema Mamisu for an aromatherapeutic lamp or pickles. There is still a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, so enjoy them! Naše Kaše will bring breakfast porridges. You can buy goat cheeses and yoghurts from farm Skryje or Krasolesí. At the Kozí pelíšek stand, you can buy soaps from goat milk to support a good cause. We are looking forward to seeing you!

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