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Beer at Náplavka – the 7th annual degustation festival will be happening this year at Rašínovo nábřeží. It will happen on June 14 and 15, between Palackého square and the railway bridge at Výtoň. Visitors can look forward to being able to try beers from 55 Czech minibreweries as well as 20 stands with food that goes well with beer and live music!  

55 Czech minibreweries will introduce their beer specials at the popular festival Beer at Náplavka. It has been regularly attended by over 10 thousand people. “All attending breweries will be from the Czech Republic. Visitors will be able to taste beers from breweries that have attended in the past, as well as newly created breweries. Like every year, even this year there is a festival beer, that will be named after a swimming stroke. This year, it will be the “Vltavský znak” (“The Vltava Backstroke”). 500 liters of it have been created by the family brewery U Vacků from Chlumec nad Cidlinou. It is a bottom fermented 11-degree beer,” said JIří Sedláček, the director of the Beer at Náplavka festival.

The festival will start on Friday, June 14 at 14:00. On Saturday, visitors can come at 10:00. Both days, the festival will be happening until 22:00. “On Saturday, between 8:00 and 14:00, there will also be a Farmer’s market at Náplavka with tens of stands right next to where the festival is. There will be a flea market of beer souvenirs going on between 10:00 until 14:00 on Saturday, where collectors can buy new beer-related pieces into their collection,” added Jiří Sedláček.

During the festival, beer is consumed only from the degustation glasses – we are trying to reduce the amount of waste created and also, beer tastes better from a glass. There will not be any 500 ml glasses though. “Beer at Náplavka is a degustation festival, so the maximum portion is 300 ml. You can also get 150 ml of beer, a very popular new addition from last year. The entrance is for free. You have to purchase a degustation set in order to try the beer. The degustation set is made up of a 300 ml pitcher, a festival catalogue, a festival coaster and a pen. The set costs 100 Kč, seniors can buy it for 70 Kč, it can be used for both of the days of the festival,” described Jiří Sedláček.

Next to the stands with beer, there will also be 20 more stands with food that goes well with beer. “Visitors will have a lot to choose from. There will be different meat and vegetarian burgers, gourmet hot dogs, pizza, pickled cheeses and utopenci (pikled sausages with vegetables), homemade baguettes with grilled meat, pagáče (a Slovakian type of cheese) and much more,” said Jiří Sedláček.

The festival isn’t just about drinking beer and great gastronomy, there will also be some live music. DJ Kid Dynamite, Delta Blues Jam, Lovesong Orchestra, Čankišou, Sbor břežanských kastrátů, Sladký konec and ZVA 12-28 Band will perform.


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