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Come and get all dolled up at Diva millinery, with summer straw hats and modern hat styles. At Jančařík shoes you can arrange getting your own custom-made shoes made from colorful leather. These can also be made in a barefoot version! The Tlustý satchel shop will stop by, bringing wristbands, beautiful wallets, cases, belts, satchels and bags. For kids, you will be able to buy adorable sweatpants and hoodies from the talented seamstress Markéta and hand made friends from recycled materials in the Koira-Kiss atelier. Bowls from fruit tree wood from Hanka Javorková, rustic ceramics from Martin Koller, dainty animal jewelry from tropical wood from Gregi’s workshop, natural cosmetics from Havlík’s apothecary and more will be available!

Don’t forget to stop by Mlýn Bohutín, that only visits us once a month and offers rye, wheat, spelt and buckwheat flour. Moštárna Drykk will also visit us once a month to sell freshly pressed apple juice. Make sure to stop by Mr. Pitner’s farm stand to try grilled rabbit bratwurst, buy some more rabbit meat for Sunday lunch, or buy rabbit pâté. Fisherman Vacek will provide fresh trout, and if you want fish from the sea, mussles or shrimp, stop by the Fishouse stand. You can buy tomato and bell pepper plants and cut or potted herbs at the market. You can also buy fresh apples from Ploskovice, also take a peek at Mr. Bystrý’s stand with spring flowers, daffodils and other flowers! If you are craving some vegan food, check out the newbie Restarant Pastva, if you are a carnivore, check out CrushStreetFood’s famous burgers. If you have a sweet tooth, stop by Galetka to get a crépe. If you are feeling brave, try the Czech KnedloBurger, of course, with beer from the family brewery “U Vacků” or freshly squeezed apple juice or apple cider from Cider Bohemia.

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