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On Saturday, it will be a beautiful day at Náplavka. You can warm yourself up during shopping with some mulled wine or currant wine. You can buy St. Martin’s Day wines to enjoy at home at the stands of David Chocholatý’s winers or Mělnická vína (wines from Mělník). Mr. Košatka will also arrive, and he only does so a few times a year, with great walnuts and hay for your pets. If you are interested in baking gingerbread, you must visit the stand with cookie cutters and buy some new shapes. You can also buy a new wooden rolling pin from Mr. Votruba. At Ceylon spices, there will be aromatic spices that you can buy into your own containers. Almonds and honey can be bought from Mr. Rosický. They can be used to create home-made edible gifts. Traditional stuffed buns (poppy seed, plum jam or cottage cheese filling) or cream puffs from Karlovarská cake shop are perfect to have with a coffee from Mamacoffee, Café Alegre, Kávový klub, Birdsong Coffee or Brew Bar. We are looking forward to seeing you this Saturday!

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