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TUESDAY, MAY 14 (9-18:00)

THURSDAY, MAY 16 (9-18:00)

SATURDAY, MAY 18 (9-14:00)

New on Tuesday – turkey and chicken meat products from farm Prominent.

New on Thursday – great yoghurts, acidified milk, and yoghurt ice cream from the Agro-LA family milk farm from South Bohemia!

Agro-LA prepared a free taste test of their yoghurts and ice creams for you (chocolate and hazelnut, pineapple, raspberry, blueberry, cream, cranberry, strawberry, peach and vanilla). All of their products are sold in glass packaging. You can always bring the empty containers back to put them into their special glass collecting containers. All of the returned glass containers will be recycled to be used as new glass containers.

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