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On Saturday, March 30, from 9:00 until 14:00, we invite you to the opening of the new season at Kubáň, with many new and old faces. We will celebrate in with theater and live music. You can look forward to a new meat shop, chicken and beef from the farm, milk and butter, eggs, cake and coffee shops.

There will also be good old stands that you already know – grilled fish, vegetable shops, a bakery and Cakeshop Karlovy Vary. We also have news – all of our products will be bought into paper bags. You will also be able to put your fruits and vegetables into a woven basket that you can borrow. If you are interested, who will be there this Saturday, here is the list:

SLAUGHTERHOUSE TISMICE – meatloaf, bratwurst, brawn, sausages, smoked meats. (THURSDAY, SATURDAY).

ČERNOŠICE MEAT, Naše Farma – smoked meat, duck pâté, sausages without additives, spicy bratwurst, boar and other venison bratwurst, pork in its own sauce (TUESDAY, THURSDAY, SATURDAY).

ECO FARM RYBNÍK – mature beef in bio quality, chicken, pork, meat products, brawns, venison (in season), every Saturday, there will be grilled bratwurst. (TUESDAY, SATURDAY).

MILK FARM GABRIELKA – milk, butter, yoghurts, cheeses and cream cheese from Vysočina (SATURDAY).

GOAT FARM POD KŘÍŽKEM – goat milk, yoghurts, cream cheese, mature goat cheese, goat Camembert-style cheese (SATURDAY).

EGGS – farm Chouranice, free-range eggs (SATURDAY).

EGGS “Z PODESTÝLKY” – eggs from an indoor farm (TUESDAY, THURSDAY, SATURDAY).

FRUIT ORCHARD TUCHORAZ BOHEMIA APPLE – apples and pears, apple juice, Prague Cider (TUESDAY, SATURDAY).

VEGETABLES KLOUBSKÝCH, VEGETABLES MALÝCH – vegetables and herbs, potatoes (SATURDAY, from the second half of April – TUESDAY, THURSDAY, SATURDAY).

HOUBÁRNA – champignons, oyster mushroom, oyster mushroom soup (TUESDAY, THURSDAY, SATURDAY).

FLOWERS FROM PEPA – cut flowers and bouquets made on the spot (SATURDAY).

KAMENICE BAKERY – bread, rye bread, buns, kolache and baguettes (TUESDAY, THURSDAY, SATURDAY).

CAKESHOP U ANDĚLKY – original desserts and cakes, raspberries in Parisian whipped cream, Pavlov cakes.

CAKESHOP AND COFFEE SHOP DOBRODRUHA – raw, vegetarian and classic desserts, coffee, latté, cappuccino (SATURDAY).

COFFEE FROM JITUŠKA – coffee, hot cocoa, non-alcoholic drinks (TUESDAY, THURSDAY, SATURDAY).

BALKAN AJVAR, LUTENICA, MARMALADES – a Czech and Macedonian project Mamma’s with home-made delicacies from fruits and vegetables (from time to time).

CEYLON SPICES – exotic spices, cinnamon, vanilla, hot masala tea (SATURDAY – once every 2 weeks).

MARMELÁDOVÝ MLÝN – syrups, marmalades, plum jams (100% from fruit) (SATURDAY – once every 2 weeks).

BEEKEEPER DOBROVOLNÝ – linden, meadow, flower of forest honey, candles (SATURDAY – once every 2 weeks).

BEEKEEPER FANDA – honey, mead, cosmetics from Vysočina (from time to time).

OUR PASTA – hand-made pasta from wheat flour and spelt, different types (SATURDAY – once every 2 weeks).

GRILLED FISH – smoked and grilled fish (TUESDAY, THURSDAY, SATURDAY).

FRESH JUICES – freshly-pressed juices of many types, always according to season (SATURDAY).

COTTON AND MESH BAGS – for an ecological home and grocery shopping (from time to time).

BLACK AND WHITE PORCELAIN FROM JANA KREJČOVSKÁ – porcelain mugs, bowls, plates with funny paintings on them (from time to time).

KOŠÍKY – shopping baskets, wickerwork and woodwork (from time to time).


These shops cannot be at the opening but will take part in the Farmer’s Markets as well later on.

INDIAN FOOD PUNJABI TADKA – Samosas, vegetarian and chicken Indian specialties (TUESDAY, THURSDAY).

BÍLÉ PODOLÍ ORCHARD – apples, pears, fresh apple juice from Moštárna Louny (THURSDAY).

TURKEY FARM DRUHAZ – turkey, chicken, duck and goose (SATURDAY).

MILK SHOP DI ANTONIO – milk, butter, cream cheese, cream, yoghurts, mozzarella, burrata, scarmoza, ricotta, cheese and cream cheese spreads (THURSDAY).

HUNGARIAN MEAT – Hungarian spicy sausage, pickled cabbage, bell peppers, pickled vegetables (TUESDAY, THURSDAY).

VEGETABLES ČERNÝCH – will join in the second half of April.

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