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On Saturday, April 6 from 9 until 14 o’clock, there will be traditional farmer’s markets at Kubáň.

SLAUGHTERHOUSE TISMICE – meatloaf, bratwurst, brawn, sausages, smoked meats. (THURSDAY, SATURDAY).

ČERNOŠICE MEAT, Naše Farma – smoked meat, duck pâté, sausages without additives, spicy bratwurst, boar and other venison bratwurst, pork in its own sauce (TUESDAY, THURSDAY, SATURDAY).

ECO FARM RYBNÍK – mature beef in bio quality, chicken, pork, meat products, brawns, venison (in season), every Saturday, there will be grilled bratwurst. (TUESDAY, SATURDAY).

MILK FARM GABRIELKA – milk, butter, yoghurts, cheeses and cream cheese from Vysočina (SATURDAY).

BAČOVSKÉ CHEESES – sheep cheese, sheep whey, meat products, goat yoghurt drinks, Koliba and Rajec cheeses (SATURDAY).

EGGS – farm Chouranice, free-range eggs (SATURDAY).

EGGS “Z PODESTÝLKY” – eggs from an indoor farm (TUESDAY, THURSDAY, SATURDAY).

FRUIT ORCHARD TUCHORAZ BOHEMIA APPLE – apples and pears, apple juice, Prague Cider (TUESDAY, SATURDAY).

VEGETABLES KLOUBSKÝCH, VEGETABLES MALÝCH – vegetables and herbs, potatoes (SATURDAY, from the second half of April – TUESDAY, THURSDAY, SATURDAY).

VEGETABLES NĚMČIČKY – flowers, wine, beans, poppy seeds, preserves, vegetables, fruits from south Morava (TUESDAY, THURSDAY, SATURDAY).

VEGETABLES TIŠICE – carrots, potatoes, winter vegetables (SATURDAY).

MICROGREENS – many kinds of sprouts (SATURDAY).

FLOWERS FROM PEPA – cut flowers and bouquets made on the spot (SATURDAY).

KAMENICE BAKERY – bread, rye bread, buns, kolache and baguettes (TUESDAY, THURSDAY, SATURDAY).

BUBBA BREAD – banana bread and original desserts.

BAKERY JÍLEK – a family bakery with many types of bread, rye buns, wholegrain baked goods.

TRADITIONAL PAGÁČKY – traditional Slovakian pagáče (sometimes on SATURDAY).

COFFEE SHOP BEVERAGE BOOK – raw and vegetarian cakes, coffee, latté, capuccino (SATURDAY).

KAFE U MĚ – coffee, hot cocoa, non-alcoholic drinks (TUESDAY, THURSDAY, SATURDAY).


CEYLON SPICES – exotic spices, cinnamon, vanilla, hot masala tea (SATURDAY – once every 2 weeks).

MARMELÁDOVÝ MLÝN – syrups, marmalades, plum jams (100% from fruit) (SATURDAY – once every 2 weeks).

BEEKEEPER DOBROVOLNÝ – linden, meadow, flower of forest honey, candles (SATURDAY – once every 2 weeks).

PESTOS AND CHILI – pestos and chili products (SATURDAY – once every 2 weeks).

GRILLED FISH – smoked and grilled fish (TUESDAY, THURSDAY, SATURDAY).

FRESH JUICES – freshly-pressed juices of many types, always according to season (SATURDAY).





These sellers are not able to attend on April 6, but they will be there later or during the weekdays:

BÍLÉ PODOLÍ ORCHARD – apples, pears, fresh apple juice from Moštárna Louny (THURSDAY).

HORTICULTURE BRATRONICE – flowers and herbs, plants, cut flowers.

MILK SHOP DI ANTONIO – milk, butter, cream cheese, cream, yoghurts, mozzarella, burrata, scarmoza, ricotta, cheese and cream cheese spreads (THURSDAY).

HUNGARIAN MEAT – Hungarian spicy sausage, pickled cabbage, bell peppers, pickled vegetables (TUESDAY, THURSDAY).

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