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A note from Šárka Sedláčková from Farmer’s Market: ATTENTION – If you would like to purchase high-quality honey from one of the Czech Republic’s leading beekeepers, come to Jiřák on Saturday 26th November, because Mr Nosek is going to come to Farmer’s Market the only time this year to sell his honey and mead (http://www.vcelifarmanosek.cz). Mr Nosak is a beekeeper and also the mayor of Kostelní Myslová, a village with a mere 60 inhabitants (which is in fact the number of inhabitants of an average Prague tenement building) in the forests in the South of Vysočina. Why am I actually talking about that? For one thing I appreciate that Mr Nosek is going to sell his honey at a special price for Farmer’s Market on Saturday 26th November, i.e. at only CZK 100 per kilogram! The honey is dark, either classic or pasted. The other reason is mead: it matures for one and a half years and is really tasty with its fresh flavour and beautiful light colour, testifying to the correct and careful technological approach to the production process. The third reason: Mrs Nosková is going to bake honey patties according to a traditional family recipe. Beekeeping is a long-running tradition in the Nosek family. Honey is used for healing and strengthening. Everything is produced in a traditional and careful fashion; the honey is processed at low temperatures at all times in order to avoid destroying its precious and healing ingredients during production. Every year at the end of November neighbours and acquaintances meet up on “Cold Water Swimming Day” in Kostelní Myslová, take a dip in the icy water and drink hot mead. Oh well… There are times when I’m fed up with being from Prague… You have the chance to meet Mr Nosek the mayor and beekeeper with hot as well as cold mead on Farmer’s Market on Jiřák on Saturday 26th November. Come and join us!

And yet another compelling reason why to visit Jiřák on 26th November– An ardent cook and our dear friend, Lenka Požárová, is going to offer her great specialities made with seasonal fruit and vegetables on Jiřák.


almond lemon rings filled with chilli pepper jam NEW
apple ginger tarts with maple syrup NEW
gorgeous chocolate tarts with cream caramel and salt flakes
voluptuous pumpkin ricotta pie with pine seeds and fragrant spices
juicy hazelnut pie with coffee and pears
delicate poppy seed marzipan strudel with beer dough almonds
crispy chocolate nut cookies with badyan


phyllo dough patties with turkey, aubergines, oregano and cinnamon NEW
quiche with beef, carrots, chilli and lemon skin
quiche with chickpeas, spinach, sweet red peppers and curry
quiche with Hokkaido pumpkin, brynza (special Slovak sheep cheese) and rosemary


phenomenal pumpkin butter with vanilla
plum ketchup with Cayenne pepper
peach chutney with curry and chilli
caramelised plums with red wine and cinnamon
grapefruit and orange marmalade with vanilla and almonds
silky smooth apple and lemon cream
pea pesto with parmesan and peppermint

Lenka Požárová is looking forward to serving you her delicatessen on Saturday 26th November on JIŘÁK.

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