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Come to Náplavka on Saturday the 16th to shop for presents – hard,
soft and ebidle. Gingerbread, ajvar, Tyrolean speck, almonds, but
also ceramics, stitch work presents, glass, jewelry from natural
materials and silver, natural kitchenware or stylish leather backpacks.
Have a cup of mulled wine and take a walk through the market – it is
definitely worth it ;)


Who can you find at Náplavka:

Glass Robert Douša, Úštěk – pitchers and wine glasses, traditional and modern designs
Perníkáča – delicious gingerbread like from a fairytale
Andělka – cake shop
MOMO Veg – gluten-free desserts and cakes sweetened by fruit
Pavel Šrytr – marmelades, jams, syrups
Tyrolean specialities – cheeses, speck, pastry from the Alps
Sauerkraut – homemade barreled sauerkraut
Mama´s – ajvar, jams, pickled vegetables and fruits from Macedonia
Cukřenka – cake shop and bakery
proMüsli s.r.o – healthy cereal for breakfast
Traditional pagáčky – Slovakian pastry
Karlovarské cukrářství – cakes and strudel
Almonds – smoked, natural and flavoured almonds
Havlíkova apotéka – natural cosmetics
STROMAT – chilli products, seeds and plants of chilli
Viva Portone Štrůdly – fresh made cakes and strudel
Virunga – exotic fruits and vegetables from farmers of Uganda
Petr Votruba – kitchenware from Czech wood
Martin Koller – wood burned ceramics
MoMo Atelier – cool and cute jewelry, clothes and toys
Kertag – leather bags, backpacks and handbags
Markéta Kulhánková – clothing for children
Slávka Procházková – cake shop and bakery
Ve- Ra – glass and stitch work jewelry
C2 shoes – handmade shoes
Atelier Bytomská – Christmas house decorations
HNST.LY – natural houseware and kitchenware
Šperkovna – jewelry from natural materials and silver
Soňa Dubná – demonstration of treadle sewing machine, hand-sewn woolen caps
Hanka Javorková – bowls from Czech fruit trees
Tin jewelry
Monastery Delicacies – wines, honey, oil, mustard, jams, tea, chocolate and natural cosmetics from Czech, Italian and French monasteries
Poak – Czech net-bags
ŽIŽI – handmade chocolate
KOFI-KOFI – hot coffee and tea

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