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Sell with us

This section is for farmers and Czech producers.

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4 Responses to Sell with us

  1. EkoPool says:

    Hi all, for anyone interested : you can also sell your products online on BIO.CZ, you can also advertize this very site there, too.
    I will post your link there as well :)

  2. Jaroslava Colajacomo says:

    Hi Jirka,
    I live in Prague since 5 years and I started to export bio and ethical food and high quality products form Italy. This was so far mainly for friends and for our consumption although we are interested to expand this into a more stable activity. We would love to take a stand in one of your markets since we live in Prague (me my boyfriend and our 4 months old boy) . I saw your answer to the Spanish person. Would be the same for us even if we can insure a stable presence given that we live in Prague ? Or do you have other suggestions for markets where we can rent a stand weekly ? Even once every 2 weeks or once a months will be good for us at the moment .
    Thanks so much

  3. Daniel Cordoba says:

    Dobry den,

    Prominte, nemuzu napsat cesky dobry. We have a small company selling and distributing high quality spanish products in Czech Republic, mostly wines, olive oil and food. We would be really interested to sell our products in any of your markets and we would be very thankfull if you could let us now if it’s still possible and provied some info on the prices, conditions, etc.
    If you need any other information information, please, do not hesitate to contact me on my mail or mobile phone-605737018.
    Thank you very much in advance,


    • jirka says:

      Dobrý den, mohli bychom udělat jeden jediný španělský den. Někdy v budoucnu. Zatím nemohu nic slíbit. Farmářský trh je určený hlavně české produkci. Hello, my English is not good. We can do only one day for spanish products – as an event, one day in next. I can not promise more, because our farmer market is done for czech famrers and producers, mainly.