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Mach Winery, Uherčice


The Mach family has produced wine professionally since 2009. They grow grapes on 0.5 hectares in Uherčice in South Moravia. This year they produced 10,000 liters of wine. They make wine for distribution in bottles only, not barrels. Their oldest grapevine is twenty-eight years old.

What they bring to the market: Wine from their own shop only. They don’t sell products made by other producers.

What they use in production: Forty percent of their grapes come from their own vineyards; they buy the other 60% from nearby growers. The Mach Winery is a member of the Integrated Production of Grapes and Wine IPH. Integrated production is the world’s foremost strictly ecological and modern wine system focused on top-quality grape and wine production by way of being friendly toward the environment. All technological processes used in winemaking must be in accordance with the defined international criteria of the IP Union.

What’s of interest and note: Due to their region’s climate, they produce mainly white wines. However, they do make five or six types of Rosé and reds.