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What you shouldn’t miss this week:

Goat farm Dřevec – goat cheese and fresh goat milk in glass bottles,

Microgreens and sprouts from Adam Vlasák,

Package-free household goods from Bára Balint, where you can find soaps, washing liquid, detergents, dental and hair cosmetics, kitchen goods, metal straws, shampoos, bars of soap and liquid soap, creams and balsams, makeup.

Ajvars and ljutenica from Mamma’s.

There will be refreshments as well, from Jamaican grill!


List of attendees:


Vegetables and herbs Šťastných / seasonal vegetables, herbs, salads, mushrooms

Bílé Podolí Orchard / apple juice, apples, pears, dried fruit, nuts

Adam Vlasák / sprouts and microgreens

DRYKK / freshly-pressed juices



Flowers Dřísy / peonies, meadow flowers, plants, garden flowers from Czech sources

LESEM / flowers and designer knick-knacks



Goat farm Dřevec / goat cheese, milk, cream cheese

Farm Bio Vavřinec / milk, yoghurts, cream cheese, cheeses, whey, sour cream in bio quality.

Vesecký farm / free-range eggs

Kobylnice Farmstead / free-range eggs, home-made ghee butter



Cakeshop Alchymista / coffee, desserts, cheesecakes, drinks



Bakery Kejval / yeast and rye bread, rolls, buns and many types of dumplings

Stuffed buns, pagáčky and strudels / traditional and non-traditional baked goods – Slovakian pagáčky, crepes, stuffed buns, strudels



Butcher’s Kvarda / traditional meat products and pâtés, smoked meat.

Sikora French bratwurst / bratwursts from different kinds of beef in different variations – with mushrooms, figs, garlic

Eco farm Babiny / bio beef, homemade sausages, beef broth



Mamma’s / ajvars, ljutenica and pickled vegtables

Marmeládový mlýn / marmalades, jams, syrups

Mandlová / almonds, olive oil




Clyde E. Porter’s Jamaican grill / Jamaican Jerk Chicken, Hamburger Jerk Chicken, salads, rice, Jamaican ginger root beer

Winery Bukovský / wine, spritzer, wine jams and mustard



Eco-friendly and package-free cosmetics and household goods / Bar and liquid soaps, laundry detergent, cleaners, tooth care, hair cosmetics, kitchen goods, metal straws, shampoos, creams and balsams, makeup.

Smaltum workshop / art workshop, paint your own mug or plate

LESEM / bouquets, handmade embroidery

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