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If it won’t be freezing, Cukrárna U Andělky will come, as well as ChocoElDorado with chocolate and cocoa from Ecuador. Every Saturday in January, there will be Krishna’s Farmstead (flour in bioquality, milled in a rock mill), goat farm Krasolesí with their French-type cheeses and much more!

List of attendees:

Roasting sausages – we can lend you sticks to roast your sausages on, plates, bread and mustard.



Vegetables and herbs Šťastných / seasonal vegetables, herbs, salads, mushrooms

Bílé Podolí Orchard / apple juice, apples, pears, dried fruit, nuts



School farm Babina near Plasy / milk, yoghurt, cream cheese, cheeses, whey, acidified milk

Vesecký farm / free-range eggs

Goat farm Krasolesí / mature French-type goat cheeses – Bastion, Gratien, cheese in ash, milk, yoghurt cheese with cranberries and nuts, kefir, cream cheese, mature cheese Horský, cheesecakes, goat cheese Rustique (archive, took 4 months to mature)



Cakeshop Alchymista / coffee, desserts, cheesecakes, drinks

Lucky Brownies / chocolate brownies of different types

Cakeshop U šupinky / cream puffs, profiteroles, minicakes

Cakeshop U Andělky / original desserts, cakes

ChocoElDorado / chocolate truffles, homemade Nutella, organic bio chocolate from Ecuador, cocoa butter, cocoa, hot chocolate



Bakery Kejval / yeast and rye bread, rolls, buns and many types of dumplings

Czech sweet stuffed buns / traditional and new recipes, cream rolls

Traditional Slovakian pagáčky / with greaves, cabbage, olives or cheese

Ten Štrůdl / different types of strudels



Eco farm Babiny / bio beef, homemade sausages, beef broth

Butcher’s Loužeckých / traditional meat products and pates, smoked meats

Salami from Vysočina / bratwurst and salami smoke-dried on beech wood



Marmeládový mlýn / marmalades, jams, syrups made with traditional recipes only from fruit

Mandlová / almonds with herbs, ume vinegar, virgin olive oil

Ceylon spices / spices, homemade masala chai, cinnamon and chocolate of the highest quality

Krishna’s Farmstead / flour made ecologically and in bio quality, milled in a rock mill (wheat, rye, barley, rice…), wholegrain cookies, chickpea desserts, coconut cookies, baked müsli, pea snacks



NOOS concept / hats, socks and elegant accessories from yak or camel yarn in natural colors

NUTT / cosmetics made from coconut oil, essences and spices 


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