English Čeština

The first summer holiday market will be happenning on Saturday, July 13. The next market is hapenning on Saturday, July 20. During the summer, we are open from 8:30 until 14:00.
New products – French bratwurst.
After that, we will see you in August – 3.8., 10.8., 17.8., 24.8.
There is a flea market taking place during the last Saturdays of the month in the months of March to October.
Butcher’s Loužecká is saying goodbye – the Loužecký couple are retiring. We have to thank them for all their har work. 30 years ago, Jarmila Loužecká and her husband decided to continue their damily tradition and use their family recipes. Her grandfather was one of the best butchers in the Kladno region in the First Czechoslovak Republic.
There will be another butcher coming to our market – Butcher’s Kvarda – you might know them from the Náplavka markets. Butcher’s Kvarda will first be at Heřmaňák on August 28, so come and try some of their products!

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