Čeština English
Hooray! The frosts are finally over and the market will have more to offer - vegetables,
Czech tulips and daffodils, fruits, a new beekeeper and a brand new rabbit farm!

Vegetables and herbs Šťastný / seasonal vegetables, herbs, salads, fruits, mushrooms
Hrejkovice sauerkraut / traditional pickled cabbage
Fruit from Ploskovice / apples, apple juice 
Moštárna Louny – apple juice in bottles and bag-in-boxes
DRYKK – fresh squeezed apple juice

Florist from Dřísy / Czech tulips and daffodils

Dairy Babina / milk, yoghurt, cheese and other dairy
Egg farm Vesecký / eggs from hens living outside

Cakeshop Alchymista / coffee, desserts, cheescakes, drinks
Cakeshop U Andělky / original cakes and desserts from Vysočina

Bakery Bayer / spelt and rye bread, rolls, buns
Petite France / French baguettes, bread
Strudels and cakes / traditional Czech cuisine
Traditional Slovakian pagáčky / sweet and salty pastry
Czech sweet stuffed buns / traditional and new recipes

Ekofarm Babiny / bio beef, homemade sausages, beef broth
Butcher's Loužecká / traditional meat products: sausages, hams, brawn..
Salami from Vysočina / dry hunter sausages, sausages smoked on beech wood
Pink duck / delicious duck pates, smoked duck breasts with herbs
Turkey farm Zelenka Synek / turkey meat, whole turkey on pre-order
Rabbit farm Pitner / rabbit meat, sausages and other treats

Spices from Ceylon / fresh grinded spices, vanilla, curry, cinnamon, hot masala tee
Mama's / Czech-Macedonian project, ajvar and more homemade specials
Lozano Červenka / olive oil, almonds, dried mango a figs from a Spanish-Czech family farm
Beekeeper František Řezníček / honey, mead and other honey products
Pavel Sandor / dried mushrooms, pickled mushrooms, blueberries and cranberries from Český les

Gustus / panini and stuffed baguettes
Prague Jerk Station / Jamaican Jerk Pork, Buttermilk Fried Chicken with pickled peppers,
Caribbean sweet potato curry
Winery / bottled archive wines, mulled wine, young wine, on the spot or to go
Small brewery ISAO / beer on tap
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