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On Saturday, August 24, the last summer farmer’s market will be happening at Heřmaňák – the next one will be on September 7.
Butchers Kvarda are a new addition to Heřmaňák – you might know them from Náplavka. Make sure to welcome them nicely, so they will return.
We are looking forward to Yomon Food Truck – check out their menu.
Goat farm Dřevec, milk Bio Vavřinec and Hanka Marková with oils and hand-pickled olives are an irresistible offer.
Flowers, vegetables, microgreens, fruit, bratwurst and salami, bio beef, ajvars and bakeries will also be there.

List of attendees:


Vegetables and herbs Šťastných / seasonal vegetables, herbs, salads, mushrooms

Bílé Podolí Orchard / apple juice, apples, pears, dried fruit, nuts

Adam Vlasák / sprouts and microgreens to put into salads or for a spring detox.



Flowers Dřísy / peonies, meadow flowers, plants, garden flowers from Czech sources

LESEM / bags, wreaths and decorations made from stuff from a forest



Farm Bio Vavřinec / milk, yoghurts, cream cheese, cheeses, whey, sour cream in bio quality.

Kobylnice Farmstead / free-range eggs, home-made ghee butter

Goat farm Dřevec / goat cheese, milk, cream cheese



Cakeshop Alchymista / coffee, desserts, cheesecakes, drinks



Bakery Kejval / yeast and rye bread, rolls, buns and many types of dumplings

Stuffed buns, pagáčky and strudels / traditional and non-traditional baked goods – Slovakian pagáčky, crepes, stuffed buns, strudels



Butcher’s U Kvardů / traditional meat products and pâtés, smoked meat.

French bratwurst / bratwursts from different kinds of beef in different variations – with mushrooms, figs, garlic

Salami from Vysočina / bratwurst and salami smoke-dried on beech wood

Eco farm Babiny / bio beef, homemade sausages, beef broth



Hany’s oil / hemp, olive, flax, pumpkin seed, and sunflower virgin oils, olives, dried tomatoes.

Mama’s / Czech-Macedonian project: ajvars, ljutenica and Balkan specialties



Yomon Food Truck / Menu for Saturday, August 24

  • Miso ramen – noodles in a broth, served with a marinated egg, pickled vegetables, nori seaweed, porcini oil, with pork belly or baked pumpkin
  • Hiyashi chuka (cold ramen) – noodles in a sesame and ginger sauce, served with a marinated egg, baked tomato, pickled vegetables and nori seaweed
  • Open sandwich with Moroccan hummus, pickled vegetables, sprouts and mushroom oil

Winery Bukovský / wines and spritzer, wine jelly, wine mustard


Crochet, sewed and knit things, herbs and flowers / Mrs. Kvíčerová



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