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Traditional pork treats will be provided by our well-known butchery – Family Butchery Loužecký. The family Loužecký is happy to continue the tradition of Jaroslav Loužecký, who was renowned for his butcher skills in Kladno region. He established the standard of handcraft and quality ingredients. Mr. Loužecký Jr. himself is looking forward to presenting his pork specialities.    

 All the classic Loužecký products as we know them will be availible.

True pork goulash with bread and black soup on the spot. To those who would like to take some away, we recommend bringing your own containers.

Then of course the traditional treats – crackling spread, white pudding or blood sausage, sausage meat, pork jelly, cracklings, smoked butter speck, brawn, pork ham, smoked pork, pork grease, wine sausage, salted boiled pork. 

You can also have some mulled wine or hot apple juice for warming up and for beer lovers there will be unfiltered 12° lager from the minibrewery Isao.


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